Friday, January 20, 2012


Yes, Knitting....I haven't done a lot worth blogging about in the past few months. Life has not been kind when it comes to time for my hobbies. I had hoped to have a lot done by this time, but life has once again interfered and stolen those few hours I get to myself. Hopefully things even out soon. I'm getting frustrated.......which is likely why I'm not working on quilting projects. I've stalled on them, so they've been packed away and the knitting is out. Currently, I'm working with my LK150 knitting machine to produce a pullover for my Mom. The yarn is a variegated Bernat Acrylic in colours my mother will really like. It is an easy project and a good refresher for techniques on my knitting machine. It has been some time since the machine has been used, and I'm a bit rusty. Thank heaven for a good reference library!
On my needles is a fun scarf in Katia Ondus. I'd been reading about these frilly things and was intrigued with how they ruffled. A trip over to my local knitshop in Stratford , CloseKnit Quality Yarns provided me with a couple of different Katia yarns for scarves. Great fun, and really quick which is what I need right now. Instant gratification is a good thing when you're bored with UFO's.
I don't have the largest yarn stash by any means. I have yarn in my empty little freezer all kitted up and divided into types. The freezer is a good place to store it and will give me easy access. I had it in my cedar chest, but it got buried under woolen blankets. My goal is to make a dent in the stash this winter through hand and machine knitting. We'll see how that works out.

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Candace said...

Knitting eh! Well I love your scarf. I thought about making one but chickened out.
Let's chat soon.