Thursday, September 15, 2011

Because 1955 Was A Very Good Year!

I have no idea what put this thought into my head. I decided this spring to get a 1955 Singer 222K. And I decided to contact Graham Forsdyke in England to see if he had one. Of course he did. He's the purveyor of Featherweights to the gentry... And I'm the gentry right? So, after numerous emails, and a mail strike here in Canada, and a significant amount of money...fair price, but still...these little machines aren't cheap....I now own Fenella, a 1955 Singer Featherweight 222K in nice condition. Graham had the motor changed to 110 voltage to accommodate Canadian electrical systems. She sings right along and is a lovely addition to the collection that I wasn't going to start! Hah! I'm a collector and I may as well get used to it. So, welcome Fenella. I envision many happy days sewing at the trailer!

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