Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Here are some pictures of things finished lately. I'm really getting a lot done and I'm so pleased!

The first two are photos of the Amy Butler Sophia bag. I purchased the "makings" of this bag over 2 years ago so I'm very happy to have it finished. Another PIG out of the cupboard. "PIG's" are Project In Grocerybags by the way. The one thing I'd definitely change is the type of interfacing I used. I didn't choose it myself which was a mistake. Instead I "settled" for what was suggested to me and available in the store. I won't do that again. It called for a woven and that would have been easier to handle. The bag was sewn on my new to me black 301 longbed.

I also completed a summer dress for our granddaughter. It's in cottons and uses the Oliver & S Company pattern "Ice Cream Dress". It was a very good pattern, detailed and easy to follow. The finishing details included made this a very nice looking little sundress. I'll likely make another one. The pattern included sizes from 5 to 10 I believe. Good value for the $15.00 the pattern cost here.

I keep taking projects up to the trailer on my days off, and bringing back finished items. I hope to make a large dent in my UFO's this summer I am not, however getting any gardening done, or housework for that matter. Do I care? I think you know the answer!

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Candace said...

Fabulous!! That dress is adorable.