Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Retreat Report

Okay, so I'm behind...again...I had a terrific time with quilting friends in West Branch Michigan two weekends ago. Hardly seems possible it has come and gone so quickly.

7 of us met up at Caroline's Sewing Shop and stayed in her lovely rooms on the second floor of the shop from Thursday to Sunday. We had a lot of laughs, great food and made some really great projects.

Gail showed several of us how she made her Log Cabin Diamond table topper. I went out to the shop and picked out some very lovely fabrics. Here's the partially completed project. I have borders to put on it yet and then back it and quilt it. It will look great on my kitchen table I think...and I may need to make curtains to match it!

I'll also share a few pictures taken in Kearney Ontario this past weekend. Kearney is a lovely little place about thirty minutes north of Huntsville. Ron had a meeting up there for the Firefighters' Association of Ontario. I went along for the ride. The weather was interesting. We had rain, freezing rain and then a lot of snow. Well, I thought it was a lot. I'm sure the residents up there didn't think it was too big a deal. It was interesting to see how quickly the snowplows and sanders responded and how many of them were on the road at one time. It is a lot different than here in Southwestern Ontario, where we don't see plows on our local roads overnight at all.

That's about all for today. I'm off to tackle some borders. I don't like borders much....

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