Sunday, November 7, 2010

Back At It!

Okay, it was March when I posted last.  Just before trailer season.  We brought the trailer home the third weekend of October, and I have just now finished emptying it out.  The sheets and blankets were washed and stowed in bins in the basement a few weeks ago.  Work and general stuff got in the way, so I've been lazy about emptying cupboards and cleaning the fridge.  I just have the fridge left.  Ron has winterized the water system.  It should be time to put the trailer over in the big shed for the winter.  I hate to see it go.

I wasn't idle over the summer.  Quilt-wise, a triple Irish chain was pieced.  It's huge and waiting for borders.  I also finished a little vest for Liz for Christmas.  A friend gave it to me, partially finished.  Seems that she didn't get it done in time for her granddaughter to wear it before she grew.  It's pretty cute!

I went on a scrapbooking weekend near Grand Bend with friends a couple of weekends ago.  I have been trying hard to get pictures into scrapbooks.  When they are all done, I'm switching to digital.  I enjoy "paper" scrapbooking but it takes up too much room for the supplies.    However, Mike's 1st year book is almost finished and I've pulled out pictures for David's first year.  After that, I'm just making chronological books and if anyone wants the after I'm gone, that's fine.  If not, oh well.  I've enjoyed them.

Here are a couple of pictures of Lake Huron, from the scrapbooking retreat.  It was wonderful and very relaxing.  I'm going again next year!

I have once again cleaned out the craft room of excess and sold a few things on Kijiji.  Nobody bid on my collection of patterns and books, so they went to Goodwill.  I hope someone likes them.

Current project is a BOM that should have been finished in September.  I have two more blocks to make. I think it will be a lovely quilt when finished.  It's called Anniversary Waltz, by Marti Michell.  The templates are interesting to use, but I prefer strip cutting and quilting I think.

That's all for now.  I do have more, but will save it up for a future volume.  Back to the machine!

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ButtonMad said...

What a fabulous vest - love the use of buttons - novel!