Monday, January 4, 2010

I'm Stalled!

 Okay, it's the New Year, new decade.  Plans to be made, projects to be started and finished. I'm doing none of these things.  I have been playing with my videocam that is about 5 years old and not wanting to communicate with newer operating systems.  I have been reloading a ton of software on my little notebook that FINALLY made its way back from Hewlett-Packard land after a repair.  That has taken up most of my day.

Now, I really should be thinking about projects.   I did manage to finish a small 7x7 album for our youngest son. It contains pictures of his daughter's first year.  He doesn't have a lot of Liz's baby pictures, so I thought this would be kind of nice for him.  I just have to get the page protectors and it's done!  So, there's one thing.  Next on the scrapbooking list is finishing up my 12 x 12 vacation album that has been on the go since 2003.  I really can procrastinate!

I have also been investigating videos on the web for my brand new.........Provocraft Gypsy!!! With the assistance of my best friend Lynn, Ron gave me one for Christmas.  I'm so excited!  It's a great little tool and I'm having fun learning to use it.  I was reading a lot on the Cricut message boards and have decided that it's almost a complete waste of time.  A few are preaching to the many and I can't say as I agree with most of them.

My friend Candace has completed her 365 day photo challenge and should be working on a new blog.  She is thinking about ATC cards and a challenge format.  I'm interested.  I've never done ATC cards. I'm not supercreative, but I'd like to try a few.

Sewingwise, the One Block Wonder languishes in strips in my craft closet.  The Infinity quilt is in its bin and needs to come out and play.  My quilting frame and machine downstairs are requiring some attention.  I think I'll set up a schedule.........after I have a little nap!

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Candace said...

Lynda, it's a new year and your doing great. You don't need a timetable to accomplish anything. It will get done in time. Can't wait to see some of your creations in your sewing and with the Gypsy.
Now let me tell you I am so jealous! You lost 5.5 lbs!!! WAY TO GO!!!
I'll have my blog up and running this week so don't give up on me yet.