Sunday, December 20, 2009

What Really Is In One Room? Part 2

Okay, here's the rest of the room description for anyone at all interested.  It's amazing to me how many people read some blogs.  I've been following one for a couple of weeks now, and it's almost like she's reached celebrity status.  Thing is, she's not that good.  But her giveaways are amazing.  She has managed to get some pretty big sponsors in the paper-crafting world and they are donating wonderful prizes.  So, the secret to getting a large following is to be a commercial success, or give a lot of stuff away.  I will not be having any large following apparently!  And I don't care.  Now, back to the topic.

This is the front wall of the room.  It had a large clothes closet with bifold doors. I took the doors off and left the space open.  So far, I don't mind it, but it does get messy-looking.  I don't know if doors will go back on there or not.  It's a great storage area.  I was able to purchase a black metal shelving unit that fits about two thirds of the closet.  The other one third houses my rolling totes for my sewing machine and scrapbooking.

The rather interesting machine sitting to the left of the closet, on yet another rolling cabinet is my Janome MB4 embroidery machine.  This was a HUGE purchase for me this year and it is an amazing machine.  It holds four cones of threads that change colours all by themselves, according to the design.  Wonderful!  A great timesaver, and a potential source of income, should the nursing gig not pan out!  

The second of two rolling(see, those wheels again) desk chairs sits in front of the closet unless I have company in there.  Usually it's Liz, "cutting something Grandma", or Lynn, who comes over to visit periodically and take inventory I think!:)

The final photo is of the "left" side of the room, or what you have on your left as you enter the room.

This is command central.  On the door, courtesy of my Cricut  is the now infamous "No Boys Allowed" signage.  Liz is very quick to point out to the male population that they are not supposed to be inside our domain.  It seldom has any effect.

Next is a sewing cabinet, Singer, circa 1954.  It houses a tan 301A sewing machine.  The machine and cabinet were purchased by a friend at an auction sale.  We put them into the back of my Monte Carlo, so I could bring them home.  Neat trick!

On top of the cabinet is a black 301A that I recently acquired.  More information on a previous blog is available if you're interested.  I'm still quite enamoured of this machine.  It's gorgeous and sews like a trouper.

Next, the computer desk, and yes, I use a Mac.  I'd never use a PC again, except the embroidery, sewing and scrapbooking software is all PC-based.  Now that Mac has the duo core processor, I can run PC software on the Mac, but I'm not buying new computers for another couple of years.  My iMac is about 3 years old and will run anything I throw at it.  PC's don't seem to have the "legs" and need upgrading more often.

So, that's about it.  Oh, you want a sewing machine total?  Well, you didn't see all of them in the photos either....but the total number of machines including the serger, and the MB4 in one room is.........7.  The total number of sewing machines I own currently is 10.  Never mind.......only one isn't operational and it will be some day.  Fun stuff, if you like it.!


Marissa said...

Beautiful room!!! I love the linen hand embroidered napkins. Those are my favourites too!!!

Candace said...

Your room is fantastic. I loved the video tour (lol) but it's great to see it like this.
Happy Holiday's Lynda!

Jacqui's Quilts said...

Love the room! And love the saying on the door LOL! Your black 301 is lovely :-). And, of course, 10 sewing machines is not enough for one person!! Each one is great for a particular function :-).