Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What Really Is In One Room? Part 1

I had someone ask me a few days ago what the title of my blog meant. I figured it was pretty clear that everything I create comes from "in one room". Once I explained that, she thought it was pretty neat. Then it dawned on me that I should perhaps share my room.

The room is the second largest bedroom in our house. The house is not large, at 1440 square feet on the main floor with a full basement underneath, but it was what we could afford, and now, with the family mostly gone, it's larger than we need.

Ron had installed parquet hardwood flooring in the room before Mike, our middle one, left home, and it turned out to be a great thing for a craft room. It's easy to clean and I don't lose pins in the carpet!

The room was repainted, after removing some really cute, but juvenile wallpaper. I chose a creamy colour to reflect light. It turned out quite well. The room gets the morning sun, so I chose to make the most of all the light I could.

Now some pictures.

The first view as you walk in the door you see across the room to the window. I just moved the six-foot table under it. Ron installed some shelving for me today, so I took the opportunity to move a few things around. I use this table for all things quilty and scrappy. It's also pretty handy when I have to do the farm books,  laying out a bazillion receipts and bills. Note my latest piece of technology, the Cricut Expression. My friend Candace made me buy it.

Under the table on the right side are a few 12x12 storage boxes for sewing works in progress. On the left is the baby Cricut wheeled tote and in front of that, a wheeled "milk crate" storage container for some scrapbooking stuff. The two bookcases hold office supplies, nursing books, recipe books, sewing, knitting and quilting books, and a few odds and sods like my cameras and DVD's. They're full! Oh, and let's not forget the shelf of Cricut Cartridges!

The left wall houses a rolling storage container for my scrapping and card-making stamps, glitters and tools. On top, is my scrapping tote and my paper cutter. Beside it, my Janome 11000 sewing machine, on a rolling cabinet that opens out when I'm sewing.  Above that, the NEW SHELVING! It's my Christmas present from Ron. I finally have a place for my embroidery thread boxes and quilting rulers. Lovely, just lovely

 Next, my two CD towers and in front a rolling sewing toolbox. (I'm big on rolling stuff). Next, an old dresser that holds fabrics, threads and sewing accessories. It was my aunt and uncle's and is getting quite old. It's not very pretty either, but it works, and the price was right. It also has my television and DVD player on top.

That's it for today's tour. Part two later......

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Candace said...

I like the way you have your room set up. Now go create woman!