Monday, December 7, 2009

Finishing Things?

Starting new projects is just the best thing.  You plan, plan some more, purchase the needed items if you don't have supplies.  You check your patterns/plans and start to execute the project.  Eventually, you end up with the wonderful finished item.  That's how it's supposed to go.  Unfortunately, I usually get lost somewhere between the execution and finishing.  I have "startitis"!

I resolved last year that I would finish things and began a list.  I have actually done more completion in 2009 than in many other years.  It's good.  I am getting some of the drawers emptied and bins ousted from the sewing/craft room.

Here are the linen tea towels.  I used the Janome Redwork patterns for them.  I have no idea who will receive them, but they are nice.

Mom used to hand-embroider a tea towel each Christmas for us.  I always liked the linen ones.

Next on the completion list is a table runner.  I used the Simply a Pleasure pattern by Nicole Chambers-Kaya that I bought at Reichard's in St. Jacob's.  I also purchased the cardinal fabric and backing there.  Cardinals are my favourite bird.

I actually managed some machine quilting on this piece.  I used metallic thread because things weren't complicated enough.  I'm getting better at machine quilting I think.  Must be the mid-arm quilt frame and machine in the basement.  The practicing is sinking into my brain!

Finally, placemats from a very simple pattern.  Stack 6 fat quarters together and cut into 6 large pieces.  Mix them up and re-assemble so each fabric is in each of 6 placemats.  Sew them together.  Cut batting and backing.  Put batting on the bottom, then the backing right-side up.  Put the placemat top right-side down on top of the other two.  Sew around, leaving a 6-inch opening.  Turn right-side out.  Stitch the opening closed by hand.  Stitch around the perimeter of the placemat and then quilt as desired.

I chose to stitch the sewing lines with metallic thread (again with the metallic!), and a decorative stitch from my Janome Jem.  I liked the results.  No idea what I'm going to do with them, but they look good on the diningroom table.  Too bad I'm not hosting Christmas this year!

It's all very festive.  Add to this, one Christmas tree, decorated within an inch of its life by Poppa and Liz.  Christmas is at our house now.

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Candace said...

Lynda, beautiful projects. I'm so glad you finished them. I think this year my motto will be start all the projects in my head and NEXT year I'll finish them (maybe).