Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It Followed Me Home......honest!

It's no secret to anyone who knows me well that I love machines....particularly sewing machines. I own several. I make no apologies for any of them. They all have their place, even if it's only to make me smile! Every one of them works and I do use them all.

So, it stands to reason, that on a recent trip over to see a friend in Stratford, the black Singer 301A longbed that I've been looking for for over 8 years would follow me home.

It's been a long time in the works.   A good friend was helping me look for this machine. He knew I wanted one, and cautioned me that they weren't very plentiful. I already have a tan 301 that I enjoy sewing with.  I just felt the need for a black one.  That was the colour that I really wanted.

I first saw a black 301 when I was buying a Singer Featherweight. The lovely woman who sold me my first Featherweight had a house full of vintage sewing machines. She used her treadle regularly and sewed a considerable amount on a black 301. It was gorgeous. Shiny,well-maintained, and such a neat shape. It didn't weigh all that much, and came with a tidy built-in handle. Unlike the Featherweights, it was gear, not belt driven. It was a little powerhouse of a machine.

It was a machine I couldn't get out of my head. I scoured eBay, looking at what was available, but hesitated to purchase from people I didn't know. I waited, and hoped, and finally one day several months ago was told there "might" be a black 301 coming my way, but nothing definite. I waited and waited and then heard I'd have it for Christmas. I was ecstatic!

Mine was made in 1951 in Anderson, South Caroline, USA, according to its serial number.  There were more black 301 longbeds sold in the States, than here in Canada apparently.  That was a contributing factor in my difficulty purchasing this particular model.

Here's a picture of the machine. A lot of people wouldn't be this thrilled about a vintage Singer sewing machine. I have the best and brightest of machinery in my sewingroom, but using this one is such a joy. The stitches are perfect and it just zips along with no complaint. Maintenance is easy.  Mechanically, it's just a marvel. I love it!

Now, along with my sewing projects, I think I'll bore  educate you all on the sewing machine contents in my craft room.  Film at 11:00!

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Jacqui's Quilts said...

Very nice black 301!!! Love it. I dearly love mine yet and sew on it fairly favourite old machine is my 15-88 treadle, but the 301 is definitely in the favourites as well. Enjoy sewing on that machine :-)