Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Design Wall

It has been a very productive day in the sewing room.  I have pieced 6 placemats, cut out a table topper and resurrected my design wall.  This "wall" was originally at retreat and I used it for the One Block Wonder class we had.  When the retreat was over, the "wall" was folded up neatly and put in my big tote.  I unpacked it, but didn't unfurl it until today.  I was so impressed.  Only about four of the blocks fell off!

And there it design wall.  It's just a flannel-backed vinyl tablecloth, held up on the wall with that lovely and versatile green painter's tape.  I know some of you use blue, but I like green.  How funny that something so simple could work so well.  It's behind the door, out of the way, and didn't require any major construction on my part.

I was pondering about a design wall earlier today and did consider putting some quilt batting on the back of the door.  I needed more width however.  And there is a sheet of foam insulation stuff in the basement that I could bring up, but I didn't know where I'd put it.  This room is full!

Oh, and the tan Singer 301A in the cabinet?  Yes, she's been working with me today.  My Janome 11000 is at the "spa" having a treatment.  Janome has yet another [expensive] upgrade for the big girl, and I don't see the point of having that machine if it isn't up to date.  Sure........I'll use all the features......someday!

And the quilt on the design wall?  That's the One Block Wonder from retreat.  I'm getting very close to sewing the hexagons together.  It was such fun, I may do another one!


Candace said...

Lynda, I bet this is gorgeous. Your quilting is fantastic. I love seeing the pics.

Jacqui's Quilts said...

That One block wonder quilt is so interesting! I have One Block Wonder Encore and am making cubes. Such fun :-).

JustJules said...

A girl after my own heart!! Love sewing and machines. Beautiful work!
Julie from California