Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Back At It

It's been a while since I've blogged. I need to make a list each day of what I want to accomplish. It's too easy to sit on the couch. I also must admit to being taken over by Animal Crossing:City Folk. It's a Wii game, interactive with Wii Speak. I can talk to other players. It's a great game, but a huge timewaster.

The park opens April 24th, so computer time and Wii time will be almost nil. I am working away on sewing projects and do have a couple of things finished. The Easter dress for Liz and dollie didn't happen. It was way to cold for the dress I had chosen, so we'll aim for later in May, perhaps Mother's Day.

I did get some pansies embroidered on my mom's sweatshirt and she was delighted. Pansies are one of her favourite flowers. Her 83rd birthday was April 4th. I also embroidered a little floral doorhanger for her, which she promptly hung on her bathroom door. It's pretty, and floral, very Mom.

The Infinity quilt had a slight delay due to a class I took. We made the Ribbons in Motion quilt seen here. I can definitely say it was not my favourite class ever. Instead of the quilt being made as per the instructions, (it was supposed to be a quilt as you go, on a flannel piece), it was done as a pieced quilt. While I learned many things from this quilt, I would not recommend it be made as a pieced quilt. I would like to maybe try it someday the way the instructions are written. The strips are very long and unmanageable to sew perfectly straight without some kind of support and there is so much movement in the pieces. I have great "wows" in a couple of places that just cannot be quilted out. I'm finishing this piece and giving it to Liz, who loves it, for her bed in the trailer. Consider it done!

The next project class is from the Hoopsisters . They have an amazing block of the month that is done in the hoop with a lot of machine embroidery. It's called the Crazy Compass. I have chosen some brightly coloured batiks, along with three Fairy Frost fabrics from my stash. I'm trying not buy more.....really I am.

Also in the lineup is another Southern Star table topper. My best friend Lynn and I are going to make this together for the winter festive season. She also did the Ribbons in Motion quilt and is a beginner quilter. I am amazed that she perservered and finished the project. It certainly is not for beginners and she really struggled and worked hard on this. I'm quite proud of her finished product.

But she needs to know that quilting isn't all like that quilt, and she likes my Southern Star. So, another project in the works for us.

Knitting has been non-existent, as I'm glued I'm sure, to the sewing bench in my craft room. But it's coming along, projects being worked on, and some finished....I guess I'm back at it again.

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