Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Significant Day

Three years ago today my father died, at the age of 83. I still miss him and wish I had him around to talk to sometimes. He was a great Dad, an interesting and complex person who led a full and exciting life.

It's now 2009 and this year I have determined that I will finish up projects and not buy new supplies unless needed to finish projects. I have a few things I'm really interested in finishing, and few things I don't care much about, but should finish, and many things that are kitted up and ready to start. The list will be posted on the blog and updated as needed.....

My reasons for this personal challenge are many.
I have a lot of wonderful machines/toys and no need to buy new ones. I need to learn to use them to their fullest.

It has been my habit to randomly start new things and not finish much and I don't like that.
I am running out of space. All my crafts/hobbies/needlework take up a lot of room and short of moving my husband onto the front porch, I need to pare down the paraphenalia!

It's wasteful to have so much and not use it, and with these economic times, waste is not an option.

New craft items are expensive. I would like to save money this year, rather than spend.
Last year alone, I purchased the Janome MB4 embroidery machine, upgraded my 11000 sewing machine, bought a new set of rolling totes for scrapbooking, the Infinity quilt kit and rulers, a second sewing desk for the MB4, a Nikon 40 digital SLR camera, a Making Memories Slice die cutter, Cricut diecutter cartridges for my Cricut machine (for scrapbooking), and a new HP printer/scanner/photocopier. And that list is just off the top of my head and doesn't include scrapbooking papers, kits, knitting kits, and sewing fabric!

The more stuff I have, the more I have to work to maintain it. I don't like housework of any kind, even though I cannot abide a messy space, so I should maybe make it easier on myself.
With all the above in mind, I will run into 2009 with a lot of energy I hope, and the ability to make wonderful things, whether sewn, knitted, or crafted and have some fun with both the project and the process!

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