Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bits 'n Pieces of Today

I don't have a lot of sewing to report today at all. I have now finished embroidering 6 blocks on my Infinity to follow. The 6th block, I managed to botch the layout. I continued on anyway. It's not something you can rip out and redo, and I'm not wasting the fabric, batt and embroidery thread. Actually, my version isn't too bad. It'll be a trick to quilt, but I'll figure that out...

From The Infinity Quilt

I am not an accomplished machine quilter by any means. I decided to blindly follow the instructions in the Infinity book, as it is written for Janome machine owners. I am not impressed with the lock stitch however. It leaves knots and bumps on the non-public side of the quilt and my tidy little soul doesn't like it....I have not decided what to do about it yet. I'll likely rip it out and just not used the machine lock stitch and take a stitch or two in, reverse a stitch or two and carry on. I'm sure that will be neater...I'll have to practice.

The hand crank arrived for the Singer 128 and is now successfully installed. It works really well. I think it will be a fun machine for Liz and I to take up to the trailer. We can sew on the picnic table and not worry about electrical outlets, etc. It's a heavy thing, but then, so is my big Janome and I lug that off to classes.

I've been looking online at the new sewing machines that are coming out lately. I'm not so impressed. They are huge and so are the price tags. Yes, I have a top of the line Janome, and I shouldn't be lusting after anything new, but it's not just that. The new Bernina is reportedly $12000.00. People pay that and less than that for used cars. The new Brother has lights that are referred to as 'landing strip lights'. I don't understand that. Nor do I understand the need for a camera to give you a topside view of your sewing. I'm totally supportive of technology and have been an avid consumer of same. But there are some things that don't make sense and won't make me a better sewist. Cameras on sewing machines don't move me to want to upgrade.

Rumour has it that Janome will introduce a new machine later in 2009. If they do, I won't be upgrading. I spent considerable cash on their hardware and software upgrade late in 2008 and haven't used the machine to its full capabilities yet. Since 2009 is about using what I already have, new machines are not welcome here. And the manufacturers will have to really justify to me (and likely most other people) why buying these huge, expensive machines is necessary in this economic climate. My old Singers still get the job done, with or without electricity. Is my age showing??

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