Sunday, January 11, 2009

Because Your Dolly Likes Fairies Grandma

That was our Lizzie's rationale to having two different blankets on the dolly bunkbeds that Santa was hopefully bringing her.  That Santa sure is one smart fella, because the bunkbeds arrived with two different blankets, one with fairies for "my" doll and one with princesses for Lizzie's doll.  Lizzie likes princesses.  Therefore her dolly likes princesses.  It's all very logical and sensible when you're four years old.

The next complication was that the dolls didn't have night attire.  Nightgowns were needed.  The pattern was picked out, and thanks to a sale at our local Fabricland store, flannelette was procured.  The nighties are now finished.  Oh, and of course, since the dolls had nighties and Lizzie only had pyjamas.........

Yes, Lizzie now has a nightgown too.  She hasn't seen it yet, but I'm sure it will meet with approval.  I can hardly wait to see her face!

Then, it's back to the Infinity quilt for a bit.  I want to try a block on the MB4.  It doesn't have the clothsetter for positioning so I'm a bit leery about it.  However, it's worth a try, using the grid on the hoop.  

In the meantime, more shifts at work than I really want, and I continue on with weight loss and the new Weightwatchers Momentum programme.  It's  a new year..........I hope it's a good one.

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