Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's A Stay-Home Day!

Well, finally!  A day off where I don't have to go anywhere.  I likely should run into town and get a few groceries, but I'm going to make do with what's around here for today.  I'll have to work 7-3 tomorrow, so can stop and get the few things I need after work.  Saving time and gas you know.....seems to be such a large consideration anymore.  

Speaking of saving.....I regularly read from this page .  I find some of her tips really helpful, and it reminds me to quit being such a consumer!  Lately, with Christmas, etc. it has been hard, but I am almost finished Christmas shopping, and have a couple of gifts left to make.  Didn't spend near what I usually do, and that's alright with me.  I'm working hard at not using credit as well, which is really hard when you want to get the big Janome upgrade for the 11000 machine, and go on a machine embroidery retreat, and take some goes on and on.......

As for the embroidery, I have started a block on the Infinity Quilt.  Must say, the instructions in the book are excellent, and it really is just following what you read.  The results so far are really impressing me.  The embroidery is gorgeous and I like my choice of Northcott Cotton for the background.  

I did see some of the same embroidery done on Dupioni
 silk, and it's lovely.  But it's not washable and this is a quilt I intend to use.  If I get good at this, I may make more than one.  Who knows?    I'll attempt a few pictures when I get the block embroidered.  Haven't decided whether to quilt a block as I finish it, or save all the machine quilting for the end.  It's a quilt-as-you-go, so I have choices.  We'll see how bored I get with the embroidery........NOT!  It's really fun to set the machine and let it embroider.  I'm getting laundry done.

Now, the trailer....that's another story.  I'm supposed to be cleaning it out for winter storage, and I just have no interest in doing that today at all.  However, I have done the laundry from our bed, and sorted a few things that need to come into the house.  I have to vacuum and wash the floors, as I don't want any food crumbs to attract mice.  Then we have to get the antifreeze in all the plumbing lines.  It's not a bad job.  I'd just rather sew than work....and I don't think that's a bad thing.

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