Monday, November 3, 2008

Day 1

I have no idea why I decided to succumb to the current craze of blogging. It sort of started with reading so many others, and finding it quite amusing. Then I started actually learning things from others. It occurred to me, that while I have little to share, maybe someone else would learn a little something from me. I wait to be proven wrong of course!

I am a registered nurse, working part-time in a dialysis unit. I love my job, but it interferes greatly with my hobbies. I have a lot of hobbies. Currently, I am working on machine embroidery. Using a Janome 11000, I will endeavour to create a few Christmas gifts this year. However, I don't do well with deadlines, so the recipients may find themselves with empty boxes with pictures. I make no promises........

I am also knitting a little sweater for our granddaughter. She's four, very petite, and how long can this take really?? She asked for purple. I bought purple. I hope she doesn't receive the sweater, partially finished.....We'll see.

Maybe I have a bit of an attention deficit when it comes to my crafts? I tend to think that starting a project is the very best part. Finishing is a pain. However, I did realize the other day when cleaning the craft room (think dumpster.......) that I won't be able to finish what I have accummulated in this lifetime. This led me to make some very painful choices about what I'm keeping. I'm still "purging" the craft room, so we'll see how that goes.

Well, as usual, I have to go off to work today at 11:00 am and work until 11:00 pm. It's a shift I really don't like because it takes up all my day and there's no sewing or knitting time. Hopefully, I can get at something fun tomorrow.

I have been going into our local sewing store once a month and doing little projects. Last week was really neat. It's a wine bottle cover with very nice embroidery from Stitchitize, along with a neat little pouch that has 6 wine charms for the stem of wineglasses. The little charms are done on the disolvable stuff, like the lace patterns, and then put on some hardware so that you can use them to tell whose wineglass is whose. The bottle cover reminds me of a little jacket, as the embroidery is on little "lapels". Very nice looking and will make a good Christmas gift for my brother.

I also visited my local quilting shop on Saturday and picked up the fabric to begin the Infinity Quilt. This looks like a life's work! And I also think I want to do the Latte quilt. Somebody, lock me up please!!!

Anyway, enough for the first day. Information overload is a very dangerous thing. I shall not contribute to yours!

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