Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Basement Wars

Well, finally, I can report something new.  I have launched a campaign around here to clean up the basement.  I had plans.....lots of plans for the space down there.  Unfortunately, there was a lot of Junque er..stuff that belonged to the male contingent of this household that was down there, and immovable... Or so they thought!

To my husband's credit, he spent many hours down there in the laundry room, putting up insulation and dry wall on the outside wall.  The result is a warmer and brighter room and I'm grateful for that.

However, the rest of the basement was still a mess.  A little history here......

 When son #1 moved back home, he had an apartment of stuff that he didn't need, dishes, pots and pans ....and the largest clothing collection known to man I swear.  This bulk exploded and seeped all over the basement.  Keep in mind we have 1440 square feet down there.  The rec room is about one quarter of that, with a laundry/furnace room at the back.  The bedroom is about 8 x 10.  That leaves a significant space.

Two old dressers, old toys, Tonka truck collections, boxes of books and papers, hockey equipment(hubby's and it's old, man!)  I thought I could have a space for a quilting frame and cutting table. Ha!

Well, here's the result.  After Ron doing some cleaning and rearranging, and me getting down there for the past two days to help tote and move stuff, we have a room I'm very happy with.  And so is he.....We can find things and a lot got pitched out that wasn't necessary.

The two dressers are old.  The light one was our first dresser in our apartment and then here.  I bought it in St. Marys at a yard sale, stripped it, urethaned it, and was proud of it.  When we graduated to an actual bedroom suite, the dresser went in the boys' room.  It of course got plastered with stickers, Crayola marker, and a bit of "etching".  Strange how they put their names on things and then deny their own work!

The dark dresser was purchased by Ron at an auction sale from an old neighbour's.  There is a matching washstand but Jeff's aquarium is resting on it currently.  That will change.

Both dressers were treated to Howard's products to clean up their surfaces and bring up a shine.  They look great and will be used to house fabric and sewing "stuff".  I was going to give the light one away, but have decided against it.  It's been part of our lives since the beginning and I like it.

Note the quilting frame.  I'm so proud of it, and I can actually use it now.  It's all plugged in, levelled up and functioning.  Ron decided to put it where the window would allow for natural light.  Smart boy!

The other end of the room has the shelving units I bought on sale and they are really nice ones.  They're resin, not metal and wider than our old ones.  It looks so organized.

I didn't take "before" pictures.  I was so ashamed of the mess.

OH and the table.  I can cut on it.  I can lay out quilts on it.  I'm ecstatic.  It was made by the boys years ago for their train sets.  Jeff decided one Christmas to cover it with 12 x 12 flooring tiles so I could use it as a sewing table.  It works very well.

So, now I have no excuses not to create stuff!  Watch me go.........


Betweens said...

Oh I dream to have that much space.. just put a long arm in my arm's reach. You are very fortunate to have a loving DH. it looks great and now we will have fun seeing what you create

Jacqui's Quilts said...

Wow Lynda!! Great space and so organized. You go girl. Looking forward to seeing what comes out of that room :-)!!