Friday, January 20, 2012


Yes, Knitting....I haven't done a lot worth blogging about in the past few months. Life has not been kind when it comes to time for my hobbies. I had hoped to have a lot done by this time, but life has once again interfered and stolen those few hours I get to myself. Hopefully things even out soon. I'm getting frustrated.......which is likely why I'm not working on quilting projects. I've stalled on them, so they've been packed away and the knitting is out. Currently, I'm working with my LK150 knitting machine to produce a pullover for my Mom. The yarn is a variegated Bernat Acrylic in colours my mother will really like. It is an easy project and a good refresher for techniques on my knitting machine. It has been some time since the machine has been used, and I'm a bit rusty. Thank heaven for a good reference library!
On my needles is a fun scarf in Katia Ondus. I'd been reading about these frilly things and was intrigued with how they ruffled. A trip over to my local knitshop in Stratford , CloseKnit Quality Yarns provided me with a couple of different Katia yarns for scarves. Great fun, and really quick which is what I need right now. Instant gratification is a good thing when you're bored with UFO's.
I don't have the largest yarn stash by any means. I have yarn in my empty little freezer all kitted up and divided into types. The freezer is a good place to store it and will give me easy access. I had it in my cedar chest, but it got buried under woolen blankets. My goal is to make a dent in the stash this winter through hand and machine knitting. We'll see how that works out.

Monday, September 19, 2011

It Just Keeps on Happening!

Well, I guess it's been a summer for acquisitions. There are another couple of sewing machines I have to confess, that have joined my collection. The first one was a result of reading a blog of a woman I have great regard for. She writes a very interesting blog called Treadle Quilts. I first met Jacqui and her husband Jake when I was on the lookout for my first Singer Featherweight. I found them while doing searches on the Internet, and they were not that far away from my home. After some correspondence, I travelled to St. Thomas and purchased "Maeve". Jake had tuned her up and Jacqui had tested her, and she sewed beautifully.....still does. It was wonderful visiting their home and seeing all the vintage machines, full-sized and toy models. It was there I saw my first black Singer 301. I vowed I'd own one. Of course, I do. I also saw my first parlor cabinet. I didn't know then that I'd inherit one, but was so pleased to be able to recognize it for what it was. It was that cabinet and the old 115 head in it that started this next machine voyage.

While reading the blogs this summer, I looked at the lovely machines that were offered for sale on Jake and Jacqui's sites. I saw a gorgeous Singer 115 with gold Wing decals, just like the machine in my parlor cabinet. This one was a little newer and was immaculate. I showed the picture to my husband. His remark was "that would sure show off Aunt Nell's cabinet wouldn't it. What's the price?" I almost fell off my chair, but told him the price and asked it I should email about purchasing it. Well, needless to say, I emailed. They responded. I visited their lovely new home in St. Thomas and now, this beautiful machine graces the parlor cabinet. And sews like a dream!

Here are the pictures. I'm so pleased with this.

I think the original head, which works very well, will become a hand crank machine perhaps. We'll see. You never know what will follow you home.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Because 1955 Was A Very Good Year!

I have no idea what put this thought into my head. I decided this spring to get a 1955 Singer 222K. And I decided to contact Graham Forsdyke in England to see if he had one. Of course he did. He's the purveyor of Featherweights to the gentry... And I'm the gentry right? So, after numerous emails, and a mail strike here in Canada, and a significant amount of money...fair price, but still...these little machines aren't cheap....I now own Fenella, a 1955 Singer Featherweight 222K in nice condition. Graham had the motor changed to 110 voltage to accommodate Canadian electrical systems. She sings right along and is a lovely addition to the collection that I wasn't going to start! Hah! I'm a collector and I may as well get used to it. So, welcome Fenella. I envision many happy days sewing at the trailer!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Here are some pictures of things finished lately. I'm really getting a lot done and I'm so pleased!

The first two are photos of the Amy Butler Sophia bag. I purchased the "makings" of this bag over 2 years ago so I'm very happy to have it finished. Another PIG out of the cupboard. "PIG's" are Project In Grocerybags by the way. The one thing I'd definitely change is the type of interfacing I used. I didn't choose it myself which was a mistake. Instead I "settled" for what was suggested to me and available in the store. I won't do that again. It called for a woven and that would have been easier to handle. The bag was sewn on my new to me black 301 longbed.

I also completed a summer dress for our granddaughter. It's in cottons and uses the Oliver & S Company pattern "Ice Cream Dress". It was a very good pattern, detailed and easy to follow. The finishing details included made this a very nice looking little sundress. I'll likely make another one. The pattern included sizes from 5 to 10 I believe. Good value for the $15.00 the pattern cost here.

I keep taking projects up to the trailer on my days off, and bringing back finished items. I hope to make a large dent in my UFO's this summer I am not, however getting any gardening done, or housework for that matter. Do I care? I think you know the answer!